What We Believe

Empirical evidence indicates that focusing on the basic principles of relationships between stakeholders within a specific environment provides any business with the improved ability to translate the various flows of information between them into value. Relativ has proven that the information oriented approach to the management of stakeholder relationships allows organisations in the discipline and decision-making of research & development, marketing and strategy to be more scientific than ever before.

The successful realisation of marketing and strategy interventions that are founded on research and the analysis and application of learning outcomes from such information, offer our clients a key to understanding their environments and their relative positions in the market through the eyes of their customers and their extended value chains. In doing so, our clients are able to redefine and re-engineer the way they do business through recognising the changing requirements of their customers and other stakeholders, securing sustainable business growth and increasing return on investment in the future.

We place particular emphasis on the creation of adequate and flexible information systems, rating & measurement tools and resources to translate the wealth of information into true value. In order to facilitate the development, documentation and maintenance of such relationship and information systems, we apply our proprietary strategic framework including unique modelling tools that have proven to be invaluable in all phases of relationship and information management.

Our multi-disciplinary, high quality research skills are a key foundation of our approach. We work in close collaboration with client relevant research institutes, consultants and peers, which have proved to be imperative in adding to the intrinsic value of the results of our projects. We constantly introduce new knowledge, technologies, and research ideas when applying our approach in order to enhance results for our clients. Relativ strives to deliver unparalleled insight and unique solutions that focus on assisting our clients to achieve significance.

The ultimate source of our success is realised through the relationships with our clients, partners, research institutes and industry experts. We believe we are ideally positioned to support our clients and projects with the comprehensive knowledge, capabilities and experience of relevant specialists in thought, process and technology