Impact Director Services

We are an internationally accredited impact advisory firm, offering Impact Director services to provide guidance to proactively manage the socio-economic and environmental impact and performance of both for-purpose and for-profit companies in alignment with local standards and regulation.

What is an Impact Director?

An Impact Director is a typically a non-executive member of the board of directors of a company (including both for-profit and non-profit legal structures) and that assists the company to proactively manage its social and environmental responsibilities. An Impact Director has the requisite credentials and knowledge to discharge the general fiduciary responsibilities of a director, but with specific skills and expertise in impact performance management and measurement in order to guide the company’s strategies and operations towards sustainable performance for people, planet and prosperity.

Why have an Impact Director?

Globally, there is an increased recognition of and encouragement of sustainability practices that are aimed to “meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”(1). With companies increasingly holding the greatest share of resources and capital and constituting the primary vehicle for wealth and employment creation, these entities play an ever more significant role in society. In this context, companies are expected to employ sustainable business practices and approaches, with the role of the board as setting the tone and an enabling environment for the consideration of the natural environment, social, political and economic systems in all business decisions and practices(2).

Indeed, in order for companies to endure and thrive in the current climate as well as secure long-term growth and market-share, business strategies need to integrate activities such as corporate responsibility, corporate social investment, new value creation and product development, and enterprise development as part of their overall business agenda and objectives.

With the growing importance of such considerations and the need to employ proactive measures to achieve success and manage impact performance, board composition equally can derive significant value from the appointment of appropriately skilled and experienced directors to manage and/ or oversee the impact performance and measurement of the company. A specifically designated role to fulfill this function is valuable for signifying and ensuring commitment to proactive management of socio-economic and environmental responsibilities. This capacity may be fulfilled in an executive or non-executive role, depending on the nature and requirements of the business.


Fees for Impact Director services are agreed on in relation to the respective company’s requirements, the level of responsibility and involvement and benchmarked fees in alignment with the Institute of Directors Southern Africa) for non-executive and executive director fees.

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2. Institute of Directors in Southern Africa. 2009. King Code of Governance for South Africa 2009. Institute of Directors in Southern Africa.