Theory Of Change

Relativ Capital offers workshop style facilitation sessions to assist your organisation, department or project to identify and articulate your Theory of Change into a comprehensive framework to guide your operational activities and support impact reporting moving forward. This process culminates in the development of a Theory of Change document.

What is a Theory of Change?

The Theory of Change constitutes a visual map of the organisation’s pathway to change, reflecting long-term vision, outcomes, and the preconditions (intermediate outcomes), outputs and activities that are required to achieve the vision and primary outcomes. This is supported by a brief narrative rationale discussing: any assumptions underpinning the theory of change; the organisation’s limits of accountability and how the organisation will measure success (indicators). This provides the framework against which impact performance can be measured.

Why is a Theory of Change valuable?

• Consensus on common vision and objectives to ensure a strong basis for future action

• Clear direction through mapping the pathway to change

• Ongoing strategic planning, decision-making & performance management

• Encouraging accountability and level of responsibility

Credibility through transparency, clear logic, direction, & performance management

• Enables regular health checks on progress towards achieving desired outcomes

Ownership through direct involvement

All of these factors provide an edge in seeking capital

Practical Details

Free scoping session to inform tailor-made proposal

• Typically a two-day participatory workshop with key team members and advisors

• Process includes contextual research & workshop customisation, the workshop itself, post- workshop write-up, analysis and theory of change finalisation in consultation with the client

• The process can be adapted to include additional more detailed research, such as policy environment, stakeholder mapping and dedicated impact measurement research and design

Suitable for teams at operational, management and board level

Key Outcomes

1. A Theory of Change Document, including visual map of pathway to change from long-term vision through to specific activities, supported by discussion of any underlying assumptions, limits of accountability and high-level performance management

2. Basis for impact performance measurement and management

3. Consensus amongst key stakeholders on strategic direction and activities

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