“If history were taught in the form of stories, it would never be forgotten.”

Rudyard Kipling

Since the dawn of time, humanity has shared stories with each other. Stories of hope, sadness, joy and learning have been communicated through any medium available. The spoken word, symbols, text and images provide us with the ability to capture and convey moments and ideas. Through the advance of technology over the centuries we have discovered the power of documenting the details of life.

Typography captures language. Photography captures light.  Videography captures movement. Virtual Reality (VR) takes these technologies and stitches them together to allow us to tell stories in new ways. It takes us beyond just imagery to a place where the language, light, motion and sound can be experienced and shared in a brand new dimension. We call this development in the art and science of capturing stories “sensography” – a discipline that seeks to capture experiences that can connect humanity to each other through immersing their senses in the sights and sounds of others.

We are inspired by the people who wake up every day faced with a choice to give up on their hopes, dreams and responsibilities but do not yield. We believe the delivery of accessible, immersive experiences offers the opportunity to connect people in ways that can break down the barriers of distrust and dissonance. We recognise the pioneers, research and shared experience of behavioural science, information technology and virtual reality. We wish to make a contribution to that practice and philosophy.

We aim to document the stories of others using the latest technologies, expertise and equipment using the most cost effective and time efficient methods, in partnership with our clients. We are committed to the production of unique, engaging multi-media experiences that connect people to their cause and/or brand that transcends the consumption of media to a conviction to act.

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