Impact Management and Measurement

We tailor impact management solutions to help you maximize the strategic value and impact insight you can leverage towards impact and stakeholder value over time. Embed learning into your DNA, inspire your team, gain insight into where you are winning and where you can improve; increase efficiency; measure what matters and most importantly, improve your impact. Whether you are on the implementation or investment side, effective impact management and measurement should be an integral component of your strategy and work.

We are energized by the recent developments and momentum over the last decade in the transition from an “M&E”, compliance mind-set, to collaborative efforts and consensus-building to put impact at the heart of what we do. The shift in language to impact management is a useful framework and lens through which to better understand our contexts, plan our work, provide the blueprint to learn what’s working and how and where to improve. We work closely with our partners to design appropriate strategies, action plans, measurement frameworks and tools to match their needs. We get involved at the design phase as well as supporting the testing of tools and approaches, refining and enhancing these for ideal use, supporting teams to implement monitoring plans, analysing and packaging insights and learning to feed back into enhanced design and practice – a virtuous life cycle.

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